Early supporters to be granted Founding Fellow status

25th March 2018 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Early supporters of the Association of Professional Sales have the opportunity to be recognised as Founding Fellows of the APS, the organisation has announced. This unique offer is open until 1 July 2018.

Oracle’s wise words

Steve Elsham, Senior Director at Oracle will be considering “Delivering more for less: a case study of increasing sales and improving the buying experience whilst reducing costs” at a live event on 25 April. It takes place 9.00-11.30 am BST at the Oracle Office, Moorgate 1 South Place, London EC2M 2RB.

As an enterprise software company Oracle pivoted to become a services business providing software in the cloud, and so its business model fundamentally changed. The volume of products and services offered to clients increased exponentially – and so did the volume of quotes and contracts the company had to manage.

At the same time, customer’s expectations completely changed. No longer content with the traditional B2B buying process, they expected the company to operate with the transparency and speed of the best of the B2C e-tailers; and to get it right every time. To satisfy these rapidly escalating demands, Oracle was going to break unless the organisation reengineered its core business processes, and so it reimagined the customer journey from the customer’s perspective

Andy Hough: Opportunity to differentiate yourself.

Andy Hough: Opportunity to differentiate yourself.

An APS spokesperson said that the APS is looking ahead to a breakout year with a jump in membership and corporate supporters. “As we build on strong foundations, we are offering our early supporters the unique opportunity to be a Founding Fellow of the APS. As our Association looks forward to the backing of many thousands of members, we are inviting current fellows, and those interested in being fellows, to apply to be Founding Fellows of the association.”

Andrew Hough, APS CEO said: “Existing and potential Fellows of the APS will help us to build on our impressive growth and be recognised for doing so by being granted the status of Founding Fellows. This means you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself forever! This title will be retained for the length of your APS subscription and your involvement in the association.”

  • Meanwhile, the APS has announced that Graham Davis, sales leader and director of Royal Mail Group, has accepted the role of non-executive director to the association’s legal board to help it reach its goal of chartered status. Davis has already worked extensively with the APS to introduce sales apprenticeships. He led the independent trailblazer group, which created the first government-approved standard for a degree-level apprenticeship in sales.