Digital is “rocket fuel” for sales says McKinsey

17th May 2018 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Successful B2B sales teams need to strike a balance between digital and human sales – that’s the conclusion of May 2018 paper The secret to making it in the digital sales world: The human touch from consultants McKinsey.

B2B sales leaders using digital effectively enjoy five times the growth of their peers who are not at the cutting edge of digital adoption. Yet the realities on the ground make it difficult for sales leaders to understand what they actually need to do, especially when different parts of the organisation have a vested interest in pushing different sides of the human-digital debate, the authors suggest.

“There’s no doubt that digital is rocket fuel for sales organizations,” say the authors. However, they are quick to point out that a recent McKinsey survey of B2B customers found that what customers want most is great digital interactions plus the human touch.