CSOs’ top three 2019 priorities – Gartner

1. Improve effectiveness of sales development activities

Improve the structure and design of sales development representative, business development representative, and inside sales teams

2. Boost sales analytics

Investing in sales productivity and intelligence analytics are the most popular areas.

Many sales leaders have started collecting as much data as possible, and many sales organizations have unprecedented access to all kinds of data.

However, they struggle to extract value and insight from that data.

3. Enhance the quality and impact of seller enablement

25% of CSOs prioritise improving the quality and impact of their seller enablement to better equip sellers to overcome an ever-more-complex sales environment.

Source: Gartner survey of 100+ CSOs’ critical priorities – see The Chief Sales Officer, Second Quarter 2019, Gartner.com.

CSOs’ top three 2019 priorities – Gartner