Creating a sales control system

22nd March 2019 |   Mick Fowler

This project from 2016 explores how to create a sales control system designed to deliver a company’s key objectives.


Sales is no longer an independent isolated function within an organisation, but is an integral and cross-functional part of a company’s strategy (Storbacka et al 2011). Sales now not only executes the strategy, but helps create and drive the strategy (Flaherty and Pappas 2009). The changing sales environment therefore dictates that sales leaders need to adapt their Sales Control System (SCS) for measuring performance and remunerating salespeople.

My main research question is: what kind of SCS best suits today’s selling environment, and what is the process in order to create one?

I have identified within my own business that this is one of our biggest challenges. We feel we have reached a ceiling in terms of growth with our current structure and perceive that there is conflict between what rewards our salespeople, and the key objectives of our business. Our key metrics for acceptable performance and the remuneration plan is the same today as it was 20 years ago.


We are a business-to-business SME, employing around 170 people. We are not a manufacturer, but we supply and service document management solutions incorporating hardware such as photocopiers and printers, and associated software. We have a fantastic legacy which has been built over the last 25 years on a strong foundation of honesty, trust, strong business ethics and a desire to deliver outstanding service to our clients.

Group Sales Manager at Arena Group

Mick Fowler is Group Sales Manager, Arena Group. He manages a team of salespeople and area sales managers within the UK, across the North Midlands, Yorkshire and North West.