Countdown to the new Journal

21st September 2018 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

A new resource to help you be agile and resilient.

The whole sales world is evolving. There’s disruption in the marketplace. Change is unremitting and relentless. It keeps gathering pace.

Our customers require increasing attention and sophistication in our approach. Every sales situation is contextually unique. There are greater and greater demands on our time. Needs and solutions can sometimes be simple but they are often increasingly complex. How do we keep up, absorb it all, remain resilient?

There is no choice but to be flexible and adaptable – “agile” in the jargon of the consultants. This means having the right information available when you need it but not overloading the system with irrelevant or obsolete data. Inevitably, simplistic, rigid processes no longer apply, but fundamental principles remain. And just like gymnasts, this relies on having core strength.