Coaching Brain

6th July 2015 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Gill McKay

Gill McKay © Sam Pearce, Square Image

At the recent APS Annual Conference, Gill McKay of MyBrain International explored how neuroscience can help transform our coaching style.

We’re probably all aware of the benefits of effective coaching: transforming salespeople into sales champions; maximising their potential and motivating people to be the best they can be; increasing engagement and talent retention; driving accountability; developing a more agile organisation; and, ultimately, boosting revenue and profits. Yet many salespeople are not natural coaches and find it hard to make the transition when they step up to become a sales manager.

As part of her presentation “Improving the quality and adoption of sales coaching”, Gill McKay, partner, MyBrain International dipped into some of the research around coaching. She cited 2013 data from Gartner, which found that only 15% of managers spend enough time coaching; only 10% spend enough time motivating their teams; while only 5% spend “overt time driving accountability”.