Can AI boost inside sales performance?

21st September 2017 |   Deirdre Coleman

While inside sales has long been no stranger to automation, it is now poised to take another leap forward as AI-assisted sales acceleration technology and gamification help prioritise the most promising opportunities and energise the sales floor.

Can AI  boost inside sales performance?

As customers seize the balance of power and more aspects of the sales process migrate online, leading B2B sales organisations find they must radically restructure their approach. Investments in technology can automate or eliminate low-value activities from sales reps so they can spend more time on relationship building.

“The digital revolution is changing the way buying decisions are made and commerce is transacted. Data science and predictive technologies have completely changed the landscape of sales,” argues Martin Moran, International Managing Director of InsideSales.

“Next-generation sales-acceleration technology is doing three things. Firstly, it’s using science and data to intimately understand the buyer and buying behaviour, and also how your salespeople work, operate and behave. Secondly, it’s is ensuring your salespeople work in a predictive and prescriptive way to get the best sales outcome and, lastly, it’s looking at best practices in terms of engagement with the buyer. We’re helping salespeople understand that digital footprint, making sure that we engage with that footprint at the earliest possible juncture to give them the best chance to have a meaningful interaction with the customer. It’s evolutionary from frictionless e-commerce right the way through to a complex selling process, so it’s having a profound effect on the selling process.”

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Deirdre Coleman is a regular contributor to the International Journal of Sales Transformation. She is Content Director, MAPS, the Medical Affairs Professional Society and previously worked as Editor, eyeforpharma.