Business in ASEAN

28th April 2016 |   Martin Ryan

It pays to take time to learn about Asian culture and etiquette if you want to do business in this thriving region.

Business Teams in ASEAN

Teams: naturally more collective than individual.

In the ever-shrinking global landscape, expanding your experience to include an overseas placement is fast becoming mandatory. Forcing yourself out of your cultural comfort zone and into an unfamiliar environment gives you the opportunity to blend information and communication styles to increase your understanding of people and yourself. People buy from people and building your experience of diversity is vital if you are to forge a senior role in the modern global workforce.

My own overseas experience started ten years ago when I uprooted my young family from the UK and crossed the sea to Ireland. Admittedly, this was not a significant cultural shift as I hail from an Irish background; but for my wife and young daughters, it was a huge upheaval and it taught me that, when considering an overseas move, steps must be put in place to ensure it works for the whole family.

Chief Development Officer at CPM Group of Companies Asia Pacific

Martin Ryan is Chief Development Officer at CPM Group of Companies Asia Pacific. CPM is the world’s largest sales and marketing outsourcing business. He is an avid world traveller and hugely sociable. When not making new friends, he enjoys cheering for his wife and daughters as they compete in various sporting events across Asia.