Business impact of sales training

18th May 2018 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

When SAP decided it had a need for teams to implement a new sales strategy to better address customer needs, it implemented a Challenger programme (alongside other components). Importantly, the company decided to include robust business impact metrics.

At SAP, more than 7,800 sales professionals worldwide completed a Challenger programme over four years (execution and feedback 2013-17). Overall, 7,805 participants completed 445 sessions: over the course of 90 sessions 1,170 participants took part in a “Coaching to the Challenger” programme (aimed at sales managers); 6,635 individuals participated in “Challenger Selling – Lead the Way” in 355 sessions.

The Business Impact of Sales Training

Pipeline analysis*

Account executives with a minimum of 180 days’ experience in their role at the time of the training have:

Pipeline analysis

* Based on CRM results from 2013 and 2014 training participants.