Born to transform

28th January 2017 |   Deirdre Coleman

Incoming Executive VP & President of International Business at Allergan, Marc Princen is invigorated by what he does best – building and transforming businesses – and he’s about to apply his extensive leadership experience in his new role in the medical aesthetics, eye care, GI and neurology space.

Marc Princen

Marc Princen is a newbie having just taken up his position with Allergan in December but he certainly isn’t a newcomer to the discipline of organisational transformations. Looking back over a pharma career that spans almost three decades, he highlights one particular opportunity that proved pivotal to his own career path.

“At 32, I was given a general manager role with Schering Plough in Turkey which was very fortunate for me as I got exposure to building up a business in new markets and new regions.

“There are two key words that characterise my career to date – building and transforming. Taking an existing business, keeping what works well within existing portfolios, focusing on customers, building new operational models, and helping companies forward by doing things in a differentiated way. This is what I did in Schering Plough, Merck and Takeda and why I was particularly attracted to Allergan”.

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Deirdre Coleman is a regular contributor to the International Journal of Sales Transformation. She is Content Director, MAPS, the Medical Affairs Professional Society and previously worked as Editor, eyeforpharma.