Attracting the female millennial

30th January 2016 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Dr Mary Collins

Leadership and millennial expert, Dr Mary Collins is Senior Executive Development Expert at the Royal College of Surgeons Institute of Leadership. She offers some expert advice on how to attract the female millennial into sales.

Given the unique motivations of the female millennial, how can companies best engage them to ensure they attract and retain key talent and elicit the best from this rising cohort?

Millennials will make up almost 75% of the global talent market by 2025. I carried out my doctoral research on the millennial employee and how to engage them; with insight into the key traits, behaviours and values of millennial women, companies need to actively cultivate the right culture to attract key talent and allow them to thrive. Millennials are independent, entrepreneurial thinkers, who relish responsibility, thrive on challenge, love freedom and hate micromanagement.

In order to entice them into sales, it’s important to consider the following:

1. Opportunity and challenge

Female millennials are hungry for challenge and embrace opportunities to travel as well as take on stretching assignments. Mentoring is a key strategy to afford opportunity and challenge to ambitious female millennials.