APS “Sales in a Box” a hit in schools

21st September 2017 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Association of Professional Sales fellows are inspiring the next generation of salespeople via the “APS Sales in a Box student initiative to promote professional sales as a career in secondary schools. The programme provides guidance for anyone to promote professional sales as a career and is especially important in the context of employers admitting their first intake of B2B Sales Apprentices this autumn.

APS “Sales in a Box”  a hit in schools

Sales in a Box: engaging 45-minute session.

The APS wants to inspire young people to consider sales as a career destination. It has put together a short video of how fellows can create an engaging 45-minute session to promote sales in schools, APS Fellow Tim Chapman told the Journal. “The objective is to make it easy for an APS Fellow to host a brief interactive career presentation in your local secondary school without the need for lots of preparation.”

Flexible programme

The session fits into a standard lesson period but can be extended or shortened according to circumstances.

“By the end of the session, young students will have a much clearer idea of what a career in sales is like, and whether it might be a suitable career choice for them. For those who think it is, we will also offer guidance and support to help them build towards their chosen career destination,” Chapman said.