APS Insightful Sales Seminar

20th February 2019 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

21 March 2019: 09.00–12.30, Schlumberger Plc, Schlumberger House, 62 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ)
Session 1: Empowering Sales: maximising effective collaboration in operations and enablement, presented by Malcolm Johnston, Sales Leader – Productivity, Whitbread. Key takeaways: What is Sales Operations? Understanding Sales Enablement; How Sales Operations and Sales Enablement should work together.

Session 2: The Role, or not, of personality in sales, presented by Jason Langford-Brown, Head of Europe & Sales Scientist, Sales Shift Global. Key takeaways: Is personality a good indicator of sales performance? How do I understand the make-up of my salespeople?
What really motivates them and what doesn’t?

Session 3: Sales and marketing fusion, presented by Ben Dorks, CEO, Ideagen PLC. Key takeaways: A little black book of real-world good (and bad) ideas which can make a difference to your teams and deliver improved motivation, performance and alignment between the two traditional enemies.