APS events 7.2 2021

26th April 2021 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Webinar: Cracking the Code for Communicating Price Increases

29 April 2021, 15.00-15.45 pm BST (09.00 am CST)

Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions – Nearly 70 percent of companies describe their price increase conversations as “50:50” or worse in terms of how well they go over with customers. It’s no surprise that most price increases aren’t received well. After all, no one enjoys spending more money just to stay with the same solution. But for companies with aggressive growth goals, this is an essential conversation. How do you persuade customers to pay more without damaging the relationship?

Backed by years of academic research – much of it first published in this Journal – you’ll learn a science-backed approach to:

  • Understand the buyer psychology of existing customers versus new prospects.
  • Document results and reinforce your value to your customers.
  • Justify a price increase using a research-backed message framework.


Webinar: What do Buyers Value in Different Types of Sales Interaction?

12 May 2021, 09.00-09.45 am BST
Presented by Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh, an Associate Professor in Marketing at the University of East Anglia. Key takeaways:

  • Understanding how different B2B customer groups wish to interact enables sales organisations to engage in different selling situations.
  • Consequently, sales leaders can provide recruitment and training that empowers salespeople to leverage the attributes that align with the requirements of each customer group.
  • Leading to the more efficient use of resources and increased sales success.


Webinar: Is marketing now the real driving force behind successful sales?

20 May 2021, 09.00-09.45 am BST

Panel discussion led by James Farmer and Robert Norum. The complexity of B2B sales has reached an all-time high, with prospects seeking far more credible information before they are prepared to speak to a salesperson. Combine this with GDPR, longer sales cycles and increasingly elusive customers, the days of picking up the phone and hoping to make a sale is a distant history. For successful companies it is marketing which now fills that role. A great marketing campaign will identify, target and take a prospect along 75% of the buying journey, making it far easier for the salesperson to pick up the phone. Key takeaways:

  • Demystify the modern role of marketing and understand how sales and marketing work best together.
  • Learn how sales and marketing successful integrate through having shared goals and culture.
  • How marketing helps you understand your customers better and how to win the next one.


Women in Sales – Part 2

10 June 2021, 9.00 am – 9.45 am BST

Barry Hilton, Managing Director & Global Partner, Mercuri International (UK) Ltd plus panel of four sales professionals: Chaninah Dzialoszynski from BSI, Hannah Saddington from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Julie Nicholson from CCS Media and Lynn Siggins from Rockwell Automation – How to attract, keep and develop women in sales.