Apprenticeship plan lights way forward for sales

22nd April 2017 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

New milestone passed on the route to sales professionalism.

Momentous change is happening everywhere. It’s manifest in business, in politics, through the ebb and flow of people and talent around the world, in the climate, and not least in the advent of technology – and this is just as true in the world of selling as it is in other spheres.

Technological advances – analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics – are starting to transform (and some say threaten) the sales function. At the same time, as we are all aware, there has been a power shift towards the consumer and the buyer (which many would agree is a good thing). Equally, while sales development remains a mission-critical element in most companies’ growth efforts, buyers are swamped with digital information and probably don’t welcome just one more speculative email from your company.