Addressing the UK’s sales shame

21st March 2019 |   Shaun Thomson

To boost productivity it’s vital for companies to embrace an “everybody sells” approach and to harness the “hidden sales force” that is an energised customer service department.

The UK is suffering a productivity crisis. Start-up companies and total early-stage entrepreneurial activity are still booming, but the number of high-growth companies in the UK has been steadily declining in the past three years. Britain has also endured the worst decade for productivity growth since the 18th century, according to staff at the Bank of England.

There is clearly a problem with UK companies scaling and achieving structured sales growth – and we believe a big contributor to this issue is the stigma surrounding “sales”. We need to face this problem head on: why does this shame exist, and how can businesses and industry change perceptions, so that their turnover and overall country productivity can benefit?

CEO at Sandler Training

Shaun Thomson is the CEO of the Sandler Training organisation in the UK. Thomson originally trained as a Chartered Civil Engineer at the University of Birmingham; then, after completing a Masters degree at Strathclyde University, he moved into the corporate world of IT and Telecoms. He has worked with Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, EDS and IBM. His last corporate post was with Fortune 500, Lucent Technologies and its spin off company, Avaya, taking it from start-up to a $35 million turnover.