Acquisition not the same as expansion

26th June 2019 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

The 1st Annual Customer Expansion Marketing and Sales Conference brings together business leaders and senior academic researchers for a day packed with original research, scientifically backed messaging approaches and delivery skills, plus stories from real-life practitioners, to explore the optimal messaging approaches in a range of selling situations.

Complimentary to readers and guests of the International Journal of Sales Transformation, the conference opens with a keynote session: “Customer Expansion is not the Same as Customer Acquisition”.

The spotlight then turns to what sales leaders can learn from the Journal’s current research programme and the first of four segments hosted by Professor Nick Lee, Warwick Business School and Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer, Corporate Visions.

Research Spotlight 1: Retention and Renewal Messaging

Learn the optimal messaging framework for ensuring you retain your existing customer contracts and subscriptions. Find out how companies have been using this approach to avoid RFPs and even expand their share with customers just by changing their renewal messaging.

Nick Lee

Professor Nick Lee, Warwick Business School.

Research Spotlight 2: Communicating Price Increases

Discover the best way to present and pass along a price increase as part of your growth strategy. See how companies are recapturing some of the margin they might have leaked during the original sales process, or make sure they get the premium needed to cover any product or service improvements.

Research Spotlight 3: Upgrades and Add-On Selling

Find out what it takes to get your customers to move to your next upgrade, instead of lagging on old products or systems (so making them vulnerable to the competition). See how companies are using the right mix of partnership and provocation to get customers to evolve and do more.

Research Spotlight 4: Apologies that Increase Customer Loyalty

Get a tested, proven messaging approach for effectively handling the critical conversation with customers that comes along with the almost inevitable product or service failure. Examine the elements companies can use to create even greater customer satisfaction and loyalty following a problem compared with if the customer had never experienced an issue in the first place.

These sessions will be interspersed with practitioner keynote presentations.

The day will conclude with a panel discussion “Putting Research into Practice: Real-World Application” moderated by Nick de Cent, Editor-in-chief, International Journal of Sales Transformation.

The 1st Annual Customer Expansion Marketing and Sales Conference takes place at Altitude 360, London, UK on 25 September 2019. To reserve your place please register at: