A pioneering Master’s programme

15th March 2022 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Ambitious sales teams may want to take inspiration from tech giant SAP’s flagship Master’s programme for sales leaders and frontline sales managers. This ten-year sales transformation journey has seen 140+ managers trained to become transformational leaders, representing a unique investment by SAP in its Leaders in Sales – no other company has sustained the costs and efforts around such a programme. Indeed, the programme is the first-ever MSc created for frontline sales managers because, until recently, sales was not considered to be a profession and therefore had very little visibility in the academic world.

Designed in conjunction with Consalia Sales Business School and awarded by Middlesex University, the MSc Professional Practice in Leading Sales Transformation is driving sales innovation in the workplace. The International Journal of Sales Transformation is proud to be part of this ecosystem.

Download the PDF to understand more about SAP’s vision for sales transformation. Could the same approach be right for your company?