A battle of ideologies

3rd September 2016 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

In the main, businesspeople and especially salespeople are a pragmatic bunch. They’re resilient, happy to take things in their stride, and seek opportunity whatever the circumstances. All of which came across in our post-referendum Brexit survey conducted in conjunction with a number of world-class organisations.

What also became apparent was that the sentiment of the majority of respondents was largely cool-headed, albeit that some responses reflected the frenzy of (sometimes ill-informed) media and political comment given that our poll was conducted so soon after the vote. Fears cited included the potential breakup of the union, an inward-looking UK and declining international influence for the country.

Most, however, were content to take a watching brief and consult various stakeholders: customers, partners and employees. Indeed, it is to the credit of the many people who took the time to detail business advantages and disadvantages specific to their company or sector.