3 key business technologies for 2023

13th February 2023 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

3 key business technologies for 2023

3 key business technologies for 2023

1. Deploy AI for strategic advantage

AI can already chat and create amazing illustrations

“More advanced users will look for ways to leverage the technology to identify and build stronger relationships with customers and provide personalised products and services via mass customisation.” – Bernard Marr, futurist.

2. Prioritise cybersecurity

Organisational cybersecurity can no longer be considered as the sole preserve of the IT department. Leaders need to make it a core business priority and strategic focus, especially with hybrid working and the Internet of Things.

“Simple steps such as ensuring good password practice could save businesses from a great deal of potential pain.” – Bernard Marr, futurist.

3. Extend into the metaverse

“The metaverse represents the next level of the internet – one that will be more immersive, more social and more intuitive.” – Bernard Marr, futurist.

Think digital twins in manufacturing and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in marketing: for example, virtual dressing rooms and immersive product descriptions.

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